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Welcome to Telair Wholesale, your gateway to next-generation telecommunications.

What we do

Data Tails

nbn™ | EoNBN | nbn™ Enterprise Ethernet | Telstra TWBI, EA & MLL Fibre | AAPT FastFibre 250, 400 & 1000 | Vocus Fibre


IP Transit | Backhaul | Intercap | Dark Fibre | Colocation


Inbound 13/1300/1800 | SIP | CTS | Hosted PBX | Contact Centre


Bonding | Auto-Failover | Encryption | Quality-of-Service | WAN Optimisation


Yealink | Cisco/Meraki | Poly | Mikrotik | Draytek and more...


Firewall | End-Point/Anti-Virus | Email | Network Monitoring | Professional Services

Our Network

Telair operates an Australia wide network with points of interconnect (POIs) in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Adelaide. The backbone of our network is made up of carrier-grade redundant paths between these POIs. In most cases Telair will have multiple POIs in each city, deploying cutting edge switching and virtual appliance based routing along with out-of-band management and fully managed power delivery.

Key Advantages

Delivering services to the local POI reduces the backhaul costs in each end user connection, allowing the savings to be passed on. This means more money for your bottom line.

Customers are connected to the local POI and routed directly to their destination to avoid shipping data across the country needlessly. This means better performance for end-users.

The network uses BGP to dynamically heal in the event that any key route is disconnected. Our inter-capital network is designed as a ring so that there are always two paths to any POI. Each individual link is run on carrier-grade fibre with multiple paths. Telair has never lost connectivity to a POI.

Our POIs are carrier network agnostic, meaning we can deliver connectivity between the POI and the customer site using any carrier network. We connect to all our carrier partners in each POI. This means we can choose the best network for each customer location, which is particularly useful when customers have multiple sites.

Each POI has redundant hardware and is housed in either a Tier 3 or 4 data centre. The secure, quality controlled environment combined with the diverse connectivity of these data centres provides the highest possible power and connectivity uptime. Within each facility, our hardware is configured for high availability so that in the event of hardware failure redundant hardware automatically takes over.
Telair's National Network


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Why Partner With Us?

Qualify your opportunities against all of the possible infrastructure options in one place with Telair’s SQ and Ordering portal. Written by our own software development team and integrated into all of the carriers’ own systems, you can enter one SQ and get automatic updates as the carriers respond. All the options possible are in one convenient place with a simple ordering process available once you have closed the deal.

Our support desk is entirely Australian based and covers all standard national operating hours, with physical offices in Brisbane and Perth. Telair prides itself on having a proactive approach to support and a highly accessible NOC team with clear escalation pathways to management when required. We can extend this support to your customer base with branded level 1 technical support to further free you up to build your sales engine.

Make use of our remarkably intuitive, easy to use and reliable system. Telair’s Hosted Voice platform is based on Free Switch technology overlaid with Chameleo, plus hundreds of thousands of dollars and years of development to make it the very best platform available. With a white-label/custom-branded user interface and UC client, you can take your business to the next level and impress your customers with confidence.

Telair is Carrier Agnostic, which means you gain access to all of the carriers and can choose your flavour; Dark Fibre, Layer 2, Layer 3, MPLS or SD-WAN, Fixed Wireless or Fibre etc. All options are available, easily accessible and competitively priced. We know what works at retail and have packaged our SD-WAN and NBN bundles to suit the market. We can also provide the hardware, configured and drop-shipped to your client, so all you need to do is sell.

We’ve been in the game for over 15 years and have the systems and support to help streamline your operations and enable you to focus on selling and growing your business.

✓ Billing platform

✓ Marketing

✓ White-Label Helpdesk

✓ Hardware Procurement & Configuration

✓ Professional Services

Telair is a Premier Yealink partner, enabling us to provide competitive pricing and 3 year warranty on Yealink IP handsets in addition to offering the best and newest range of handsets and accessories. We can supply all of your hardware requirements across all brands as well as configuration and managed services as part of our Managed IT services offering.

Geared For Success

Telair’s Wholesale Partner Program enables you to confidently go to market with a full suite of white labelled telecommunications products designed to meet the requirements of businesses from SMB to Enterprise. This empowers you to concentrate on building your brand and expanding your customer base.

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